Here’s something to keep you entertained for awhile.  Flight Radar.  It tracks every commercial flight, passenger or cargo, anywhere in the world.  


Just scroll through the map, and pick out a plane, any plane.  Put your curser over it, and left click ONCE.   A window will open up on the left, idenifying the plane, where it came from, where it’s headed, the speed, altitude, everything.  


Watch a plane land at an airport, and the little window will refresh every 10 seconds.  You’ll see the speed going 450… 350… 230…. 140…. 80..50….. 20….. 12…. 12… 12… and then the plane will disappear from the screen as it has pulled up at its ramp and stopped.  This works all over the world, too.  Zoom in or out, pick out a city and watch the planes landing there.  or, follow them across the ocean.  As I say, it will keep you busy for awhile.

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