Geezer Planet-getting old


We’ll be friends until we are old and senile.
Then we’ll be new friends every day thereafter

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopLiving+Will.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopchicks.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktop ogether.jpg
Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopwet+my+pants.jpg

Bubbles are fun at any age

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopubbles.jpg

When you don ‘t have a life insurance policy…
Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopcoffin.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopBAD+MEMORY.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopim+not+old.jpg

Description:   C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopemails+on+sunday.jpg

Some grandmas are just too cute

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopgrann3.jpg

Special customized walker

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopwalker.jpg

Never too late to join a dance troupe

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopunny.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktop ednecks.jpg

Old man Leroy was never quite the same after the folding beach chair accident
Description:   C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopeach+chair+accident.jpg

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopus+driver.jpg

What a great concept. Should be franchised.

Description:   C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopdaddy+daycare+center.jpg

And the very best for last:
Shadows of yesteryear

Description:  C:UsersStudMuffinDesktopshadow.jpg



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