Interesting Photos‏…

Zoe the White ZebraHas blue eyes and golden stripes.

Conservatory of Music in China .

Each year in February, the sun’s angle is such that Horsetail Falls waterfall lights like fire. Yosemite , USA
Houseboat, Iceland. ( palm trees? )
Panda scared after the earthquake in Japan embraced the leg of a policeman.

”I think I’ll try to take a picture of myself”

Beijing Airport by night

Two year-old Chimpanzee feeding milk to “Aorn” a
small tiger 60 days old.

Highway in Japan with snow around more than 10 meters high. Unbelievable.

Austria’s Green Lake is a beautiful park in winter. The snow melts in summer and creates a very clear lake.

Amazing lightning storm over the Grand Canyon .

Beautiful image of a panda bear helping another. 

“The road to Heaven” a place in Ireland where every two years the stars align with the road.

World’s Largest Swimming Pool in San Alfonso , Chile . More than 1,000 yards long.
Crystal Palace. Madrid .
True friendship is not being there when it’s convenient,
it is to be there when it is not.
The Northern Lights””, Alaska .
Llames after fleecing
The white owl, unbelievable.

The famous” Rosa Moss Bridges,” Ireland .

A baby giraffe.
Sea otters hold hands while they sleep in case the current leads to awaken together.

Frozen bubbles in the Canadian Rockies, Canada .
Spiral cloud in the sky. An Iridescent Cloud in Himalaya .
Phenomenon observed on October 18, 2009. 

Northern lights over the Rocky Mountains