Flying man

This video clip of a flying man (on top of a drone) was shot in Naples, FL – about 60 miles south of Sarasota — saw nothing about it in the paper.  Shades of the old Buck Rogers!

Perhaps your next aviation adventure should lean in this direction!! “The video below was sent to me by a friend. Afterward, I found several others including one where he set a world record for distance traveled of 7,388 ft. The board has 4 small turbojet engines (used in RC model aircraft) for lift and 2 smaller ones on the side for stabilization. The backpack is full of fuel (not flotation).  There is a remote to control the vertical thrust. The control of the craft is through shifting one’s balance (along with a computer to aid in stabilization).” This 5 minute video just in from an event in Naples, Florida.Caution:
This may blow your mind!
Just click on the link below. 
  The Incredible Flyboard Air